German Chancellor Angela Merkel made it known that Germany intends on being a leader in Industrial IT at German IT summit. Check out the full release below.

Merkel Makes German IT Ambitions Known

“In sectors like chip production the world market is far ahead of us,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday (21 October) at the country’s 8th IT Summit in Hamburg.

“Connecting digital technologies with industrial products and logistics – Industry 4.0 – Germany has a chance at taking the lead,” Merkel said.

The Chancellor made it clear she no longer wants Europe constantly trailing behind the United States and China on global competitiveness in this sector.

To realise this ambition, Europe must set the right course, she said. Together with the other EU member states, the Chancellor hopes to come up with a new basic data protection regulation in early 2015.

Net neutrality and big data

Meanwhile, technical innovations should not be hindered by further regulation, Merkel stressed. Businesses must be able to secure a place via the Internet, where every user has the same access. At the same time, she said, there should be a way to offer “special services on the internet with a certain level of security and reliability”.

But the Chancellor said she would not address the issue of net neutrality until Germany offers high enough bandwidth.

“In this area, we need an arrangement that is non-discriminatory – a special service for every user but also for every provider. There should be no monopoly for one provider but, rather, categories for individual services,” Merkel explained.

The conservative politician said she hopes to go over the EU telecoms package in negotiations with Commissioner-designate Günther Oettinger. “The digital world should not be a lawless space. Still, we must find an appropriate median for regulation,” Merkel said.

Although the German government will improve its support schemes for start-ups and help further digitise the economy, “all of the incentives the state provides may not be enough to create a climate in Germany similar to that in the United States and specifically in Silicon Valley,” she warned. That will require a change in the German mentality, the Chancellor said.

Merkel explicitly spoke in favour of using the amount of data received. “It must be possible to use ‘big data’,” she said amid rising concern over the mass usage of private data.

Anonymisation should become a German trademark, Merkel indicated, but with regard to health research and traffic congestion reports it simply makes more sense to use data from a large number of users.

The full summary can be found here.


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