Microsoft has announced their new HoloLens concept which is aimed squarely at the Oculus Rift and Sony’s project Morpheus. The HoloLens promises an immersive 3D viewing experience while allowing the user to interact with his or her environment using their hands. HoloLens wants to combine reality and projections also called augmented reality, so that the user is limitless in how they accomplish tasks or how they entertain themselves.

Microsoft HoloLens

One of the HoloLens greatest strengths lies in the fact that it could be used to assist people in accomplishing certain tasks. One example Microsoft uses is that of someone fixing some plumbing under a sink. The person lending a hand uses a Surface Pro 3 to illustrate what needs to be tightened and its all projected for the person doing the work. This type of technology could be used in a school setting where a teacher could instruct a group of students on how to do something instead of them crowding around the instructor.

It’s also reported that the HoloLens and XBOX One will play nice with each other and in respect to that, Microsoft demoed Minecraft for people to experience. To allow the HoloLens to deliver the full experience you would first look around the room so that it can register it’s surroundings. It can then display the game in, on and under your physical surroundings as well as maintaining the position of whatever you are viewing as you move. There is also a definitive road map for integrating more and more functionality between the two devices in the future. As to how Microsoft plans on enhancing that relationship is yet to be seen.

Microsoft HoloLens2

The last neat tidbit from the HoloLens demonstration was the fact that NASA uses it to observe and explore data from the curiosity rover. This technology allows NASA to collaboratively decide how they may use Curiosity in the future.

Speaking of the future, one thing is for sure, the HoloLens is definitely bringing us the future. For more info, check out Microsoft’s website here.


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