It’s no secret that tinkering or creating devices with Arduino can be a pain and if you make a mistake, the whole project can be scrapped. Modulo is here to change that with a package of modular components that allow simple click-and-play creation.

Modulo-Arduino Made Easy

All that is needed to start, is the Modulo base or available Spark base and up to four Modulos. Modulos are the sensors that are clicked into place to create whatever you would like. They range from a microcontroller to an OLED display to a motor driver to a knob, joystick and temperature sensor. The creators of Modulo promise to add more Modulos if Modulo is successfully funded.

Modulo-Arduino Made Easy  2

Each Modulo communicates with the others with the very common I2C bus and since each one has a unique ID, there isn’t a need to solder address jumpers. To further simplify and fool-proof your interaction with Modulo, there is an event mechanism that records things like button presses among other things so you never have to poll. There is also an error checking mechanism that protects your data from electrical noise.

Modulo-Arduino Made Easy 3

The creators behind Modulo will be making the Hardware, Software and Firmware all open and available as a well as eagle CAD files for creating custom Modulos for yourself.

Modulo has already been funded with about 24 days left but that doesn’t mean you can join in on the fun. Prices start at $59 for the Knob Kit which comes with the Base, Controller and LED illuminated knob. For a bit more coin you can have the cool Display Kit which comes with the OLED display, Base and Controller for $79. For more info or to make a pledge check out their Kickstarter here.


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