The wearables market is exploding right now with new offerings from Apple, Samsung and Motorola that have the public’s attention for now. There are however, a few new wearables headed to our market so let’s check them out.

New Wearables Coming To Market

The first one comes to us from trusted PC manufacturer ASUS. Called the ZenWatch, it’s reported that they will only make 300 of these devices. Yes, just 300! There are a couple of reasons for this, first, it may be difficult for ASUS to source the needed stock for such a high-end wearable. Secondly, initial release is slated for Taiwan then the rest of us get it later in the year. Specs include: a Snapdragon 400 processor, 1.63” AMOLED touchscreen display, 4GB internal memory and Android Wear operating system. Like Motorola has done with their 360, ASUS paid careful attention to craft a beautiful case. It makes sense to think that when this lands on our shores that it may eat into Motorola’s market share and being priced at a reasonable $260, it may very well do so.

New Wearables Coming To Market

Pop star and tech entrepreneur has just announced his latest product via his company Called the Puls, he wants to make sure people don’t call it a watch, prefers that it’s called a cuff. Specs on the Puls include: 1GB of RAM, 16GB of onboard storage, WiFi, GPS, pedometer, 3G and an undisclosed model of a Snapdragon processor. The Puls already has cellular support from AT&T and Orange in the UK. has made it known that music is one of the Puls’ specialties with two speakers that reside on the face of the device so that you may share your love of music with others. The device looks a bit thick around the strap or cuff due to the flexible battery residing in it. There is also a Siri or Cortana equivalent called AneedA. Supported by software developed by Nuance, it will respond to voice much like the other two. No price has been released as of yet but look for it in the mid-two hundreds if it hopes to compete.

New Wearables Coming To Market

This last one is a bit off the wall compared to the other two, it’s called Pavlok and it aims to help us break our bad habits. You can wear it on your wrist or ankle and it works like an activity tracker but has an interesting twist. It literally shocks you when you are doing something you shouldn’t. Here’s how it works, you download a companion app after purchasing the device. In the app you select which habits need to die and then strap Pavlok on. When it detects that you have strayed from your path it renders a shock as punishment. Sadistic tendencies aside, Pavlok also tracks circadian rhythms and steps taken throughout the day. The price of breaking bad habits is $149 and the project has been fully funded on .


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