IoT Devices for Non-CiviliansAll of the focus up until very recently has been about civilian IoT devices and where they can go from here. Now the focus is starting to move to some non-civilian uses for these devices and who may be using them. Due to the recent events in Ferguson Missouri, the police have come under fire for not following policy and or being prejudice in their actions. Wearable cameras are about to be standard issue for many police departments around the United States. Though these are hardly new, they are becoming increasingly popular with departments that want to avoid the type of negative publicity Ferguson PD is engulfed in now.

A company called Taser has a product called the AXON Flex, a wearable, durable camera with a 130 degree lens for a wide angle of recording. The enclosure of the AXON, clips on to a pair of protective glasses not too different from the Google Glass concept. It starts to get interesting when you see that the Taser has partnered with Samsung to allow officers to connect to any Apple or Android device. However, in Taser’s press release they state that Samsung Player 4.0 is the perfect media player to connect to your AXON Flex.

IoT Devices for Non-Civilians3

Fighting for their piece of the law enforcement wearables market is a company called Digital Ally which makes a product called the First Vu. With features like 720p recording, waterproofing, and wireless streaming, police departments will be able to keep all parties honest and safe. With increasingly durable and portable IoT devices being used by law enforcement, it begs the question, are your privacy rights being compromised?

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