A nice development coming out of Plano, Texas, Parsec has announced a newly developed wearable GPS antenna that can operate indoors and in obstructed views of orbiting satellites. Its diminutive size allows it to be embedded on wearable IoT/M2M devices. Check out the press release below.

Parsec Introduces World’s Smallest GPS Antenna

Plano, Texas – September 10, 2014 – (Virtual Press Office) — Introducing the world’s smallest GPS/GNSS L1 high radiated efficiency active antenna at 9mm x 9.175mm x 1.3mm (L x W x H). The PTA1.5M-9 integrates easily with industry leading GNSS/GPS 3D-SIPs and system on chip (SoC) receivers with only a single direct connection typically required and is compatible with any GNSS receiver operating from 1560 to 1610 MHz. The Parsec PTA 1.5M-9 is a wideband antenna ideal for embedded LBS receivers requiring good user experience to operate within 5 to 7 mm of the human body, indoors in the presence of multi-path, and in applications with obstructed views of orbiting satellites. Key benefits include:

– Micro miniature size: 9mm x 9.175mm x 1.3mm (L x W x H)
– 50 MHz bandwidth: covers GNSS systems from 1560 – 1610 MHz
– Highest rated efficiency in class: 50% at 1575.42 MHz
– Antenna gain: Ga=0.8 dBi @ Fc = 1575.42 MHz, linear polarization
– Ideal for M2M GPS/GNSS requirements

For more info, check out Parsec’s website here.

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