The Pebble Time was the most successfully funded Kickstarter project ever by raising 20.3 million dollars. How could an admittedly simple device demolish all previous Kickstarter records, some from arguably slicker looking devices? iFixit was able to dissect the Pebble Time so we can have a look.

Pebble Time Tear Down

The Pebble Time boasts a seven day battery life due in large part by the Low-power, 1.25-inch, 64-color, LED-backlit e-paper display. A nice touch to the Pebble Time is the fact that the display is protected by Gorilla Glass for durability. Pebble have been clever in keeping the display and Gorilla Glass separate which makes the Pebble Time easy to repair if damaged.

Pebble Time Tear Down  2

Once the display is removed we have access to the motherboard below in the marine-grade stainless steel chassis. The U-shaped board is home to the ST Micro STM32F439ZG 180 MHz ARM Cortex-M4-based MCU. The ARM processor shares space with 128MB of Spansion S29VS128R 65 nm MirrorBit Flash and a Texas Instruments CC2564B Bluetooth and Dual-Mode Controller.

Pebble Time Tear Down  3

The underside of the motherboard hides a few more technical bits and pieces like the Bosch Sensortec 083 TS Accelerometer. Directional movements are also interpreted by a Freescale Xtrinsic MAG3110 3D Digital Magnetometer. A neat bit of kit is the Linear Tech LT3009 Linear Regulator that according to Pebble is there for upcoming smart straps!

Pebble Time Tear Down  4

Rounding things out is the very small 150mAh, 0.57 Wh, 3.8 V battery to power the Pebble Time. Keep in mind that the e-paper display is extremely thrifty on power consumption. Though the Pebble Time isn’t the technological juggernaut the Apple Watch is. There is something to be said about week long battery life and a simplicity that allows Pebble to claim a 30 meter depth rating!


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