Date of last revision October 29, 2010

There are 7 sections in our privacy policy

  • Information you Provide to Us
  • Information We Collect
  • How We use Member Information
  • Member Information Choices
  • Member Obligations
  • Security
  • Important Information

Information you Provide to Us

Registration and Profile
When you register with EEWeb you will provide to us your name and email. Members of EEWeb create profiles to share information about themselves with others. If you choose to create a profile you will provide to us information such as title, summary, interests, web links, and quotes.

Members of EEWeb can create resumes to share with others. EEWeb resumes contain information such as objective, clients, experience, skills, certificates, awards/honors, and education. Creating a resume is optional and it can be modified or removed.

Articles, Blog and Projects
EEWeb members can share technical information with other community members by creating a blog or project on EEWeb. Members may upload and share information such as text, equations, pictures, links, and files. Member blog posts are shared throughout the site and on RSS feeds.

EEWeb discussions are designed to allow EEWeb members to discuss technical topics and answer member’s questions. EEWeb stores all content such as text, images, files, and links provided by members in the discussions forum.

Transactional Information
When members take part of EEWeb services we retain the details of transactions made on EEWeb. Contacting Members

Members may contact other members through EEWeb. The contents of the email are not stored on EEWeb. Since this method of communication is an email, the member you contact will have your email address after contacting them.

EEWeb provides the ability for members to follow one another. EEWeb stores member following information and your following information is made available for other members to see. You can remove people you are following.

Information We Collect

Site Activity Information
We store information pertaining to your activity on EEWeb such as log in activity. System and Browser Information

We collect information about the system and browser you are using to access EEWeb such as operating system, hardware configuration, browser version, and IP geographical location.

Cookie Information
We use “cookies” to improve a members experience on EEWeb. You can remove or block cookies using the settings in your browser, but it may affect your ability to use EEWeb.

How We use Member Information

Searching Members
EEWeb members can search for other members in the community. Profile information such as interest tags can be used to help others identify you.

Articles, Projects and Discussions
EEWeb member blogs, projects, and discussions are shared throughout the site to give exposure to member’s contributed content.

Members may choose to receive email notification of new content on EEWeb. EEWeb also communicates with its members by email for administrative needs.

RSS Feeds
Member contributed content may be distributed through EEWeb RSS feeds. EEWeb cannot and does not control what others do with this information and member contributed content may appear on websites other than EEWeb.

EEWeb uses information within a members profile or contributed content to make advertising decisions with 3rd parties.

Member Information Choices

Changing your Profile
Members may choose to make changes to their member profile by clicking on your “Edit Your Profile” on your EEWeb homepage.

Deleting your Account
Members may delete their account by an email request. Requests should be sent to

Member Contributed Content
EEWeb members are not obligated to participate in the Discussions, Blogs, Projects, or Resume.

Member Obligations

Laws and Regulations
EEWeb members have certain obligations to other members and they should obey all laws and regulations.

Privacy Policy and User Agreement
Members must at all times abide by the current privacy policy and terms.

Intellectual Property

Members must respect intellectual property rights including trademarks and photographs.

Malicious Information
Members must not disseminate information that is deemed violent, injurious, offensive, inappropriate, racist, sexist, or anything that will detract from the professional nature and spirit of this community.

Negative Personal Information
Members must not share any information about themselves or other community members that is deemed injurious or detrimental to a person’s professional or social status.

User Name and Password
Members must keep their user name and password confidential and not share it with others.

Termination of an Account
Members who violate any of the items listed under member obligations may have their accounts terminated or restricted at the sole discretion of EEWeb.


Security of Personal Information
In order to help secure your personal information, access to your data is password protected. However since the internet is not a completely secure environment, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you upload to EEWeb. There is no guarantee that the information you upload will not be accessed, modified, or deleted.

Member Communications
Any communication with other members on EEWeb is not encrypted. Do not communicate any confidential information through these means.

Login and Password Security
It is your responsibility to protect the security of your login information.

Important Information

Children and Minors
Anyone under the age of 18 is not eligible to create member profiles on EEWeb. Anyone under the age of 18 should not submit any personal information to EEWeb.

Changes to Privacy Policy
EEWeb maintains the right to update and change the privacy policy at anytime without notifying EEWeb members.

Contact Us
For any additional questions regarding our privacy policy, we can be contacted at

1020 W Main St. 100K
Boise ID 83702