Our latest smart home gadget comes to us from Kickstarter newcomer Roost, which looks to carve out some of the home IoT market for itself. Roost is trying to fund is a smart battery that you can install into your existing smoke detector thus retrofitting it into a smart smoke detector. The key in Roost’s success lies in breaking Nest’s stranglehold on the smart smoke detector market. A Nest Protect currently goes for about $100, which seems fair for the ability to remotely know if your house is burning down. The potential cost to outfit a home with a few Nest Protects can be $400-500 for an average sized house which isn’t exactly cheap.

 Roost Smart Battery

Roost aims to carve out their part of the smart smoke detector market and break that strangle hold by under cutting Nest’s prices. Now that Nest has done away with the “waive to shut off” feature that could have silenced a real alert, were not missing out on much. The Roost connects to an app that will alert you to things like a low battery and smoke alarm detection. The Roost can remember what room it’s in and even alert emergency contacts. The price for one Roost is $35 if you contribute to their Kickstarter campaign which is only $140-175 to outfit an average sized house and a much more reasonable price for most people.

Roost has already managed to clear its fundraising goal of $50,000 with 32 days left. There are plenty of spots left if you want to land a Roost or two for your home. Roost provides the ability to smarten up our homes for very little cash, very quickly. Judging by how quickly this project was funded it looks like Roost just might succeed in earning a piece of that lucrative home IoT market. To purchase a Roost, check out the Kickstarter page or Roost’s own website for more info.

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