Summer is very, very close here in the United States and one of the hottest reliefs from the summer heat is water sports. One of the biggest forms of this, is stand up paddle boarding. Stand up paddle boarding is like riding a surfboard but you don’t necessarily need waves to do it. SipaBoard gives you a connected, and jet assisted way to do it!

SipaBoard-The Smart SUP

SipaBoard is like any other inflatable paddleboard but it has a couple of neat features to keep it ahead of the rest. SipaBoard’s biggest feature is the integrated jet propulsion system and rechargeable battery. The jet system, called SipaDrive, allows the user to paddle out or around as much as they want and return to shore under electric power. SipaDrive allows the user 3 hours of cruising at 2 knots or 1 hour of use at 3.5 knots and the battery is good for 1000 charging cycles.

The SipaDrive also doubles as the SipaBoard’s air pump for ease of inflation. Just hook the hose into the board and drop the motor into its spot and voila, no pre-paddle arm pump fatigue.

SipaBoard-The Smart SUP 2

SipaDrive is silent so SipaBoard can be used in protected waters without worry but how do you control it? Well with your smartphone or smartwatch of course! Now I do realize (as do SipaBoards) that it doesn’t make the most sense to risk our precious electronics, so they integrated a wireless controller into the paddle. If you happen to fall off of SipaBoard, the paddle acts as an automatic shutoff so the board doesn’t get away from you.

The weight of SipaBoard is only 30lbs and its 11 feet long when inflated and uses a tough 2-layer drop stitch construction so it can easily accommodate 225lb riders. What does this tough Swiss made construction and Slovenian innovation cost? Only $1440 and there are only 5 boards left at that price! Check out their Kickstarter page to pledge here.


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