Do you ever wish you could have eyes in the back of your head? There are certain instances where this would benefit one more than another. One particular activity where the ability to see behind oneself easier would be during a motorcycle ride. Enter the Skully AR-1, the most technologically advanced helmet available.

Skully AR-1

The Skully AR-1 was created by two brothers with a passion for motorcycles and automobiles alike. One of the founders, Marcus Weller, was involved in a motorcycle accident that inspired him to create a better helmet. One that allows the rider to keep their eyes on road and what going on behind them.

Skully AR-1 2

The Skully AR-1 integrates a motorcyclist’s gadget wish list which includes Bluetooth connectivity for receiving phone calls, a rear facing 180 degree camera, a photochromic visor and a heads-up display.

Skully AR-1 3

The heads-up display provides the rider with a perfect view of what’s behind them for up to nine hours of continuous riding. While the display is also the conduit by which turn-by-turn GPS instructions are shown and phone calls and music are displayed. To make sure your interaction with the AR-1 is always smooth, there is Air-sync over the air updates available.

While the Skully AR-1 is loaded with technology there is brawn to this beauty too, in the form of a lightweight and aerodynamic polycarbonate shell that has both DOT and ECE certification. The AR-1 features a quick release chinstrap for easy fitment and the anti-scratch/fog visor also has a quick release mechanism.

Skully’s Indiegogo fundraising campaign has ended but the AR-1 will be available for $1499 with delivery being a slightly vague 2015 time frame though a safety device such as this will be well worth the wait. If you are interested in ordering the Skully AR-1, check out their website for information.


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