Many of you are familiar with Phillip’s Hue smart lighting systems available. They are good looking, intuitive to use and relatively affordable. But there are three other options out there you may not have heard of. Belkin has just released their new WeMo LED bulbs on to the market. Connected by TCP is a new line of LED bulbs that won’t break your bank and GE’s new LInk smart bulbs follow suit.

Smart Bulb Trio

Connected by TCP is a basic smart bulb set up that gives the user the ability to control the bulbs via remote. Don’t let the word “basic” fool you though. TCP has a well featured bulb on offer. It puts out very near 73 lumen per watt and at 11 watts, that’s good for an honest 800 lumen. They are not only efficient but they will last around 25,000 hours as well. TCP’s bulbs produce light at the 2700 kelvin range which is that warm yellow glow that makes a home feel relaxing. The kits can be found for around $109.00 and individual bulbs at $23.88 at Home Depot courtesy of a partnership with TCP. That’s a pretty big savings to help get people started.

Smart Bulb Trio

We have had to wait a little while for Belkin’s new line of WeMo LED bulbs. It was well worth it though. The WeMo LED’s are great at color rendering, scoring an 88 out of 100, so whatever mood you decide on will be faithfully reproduced. They operate in the 3000 kelvin range which is a bit whiter than the TCPs but are hugely efficient. We’re talking a little over 84 lumens per watt. Again, we have an 800 lumen bulb here, a true 60 watt replacement. These puppies are fully controlled through the WeMo app and kits start at about $100 with two bulbs.

Smart Bulb Trio

Last but not least we have GE’s newest LED product called Link. They were designed from the start to play nice with all Wink approved gadgets including the new Relay. The new bulbs have a color rendering score of 90 out of 100 and operate in the 2700 kelvin range. Efficiency isn’t quite as good as the other two in this article but respectable none the less at 67 lumens per watt at 12 watts. Pricing per kit is around $50 with two bulbs and $15 for bulb a la carte. Not bad considering the functionality and lighting quality you get for $50.

Any one of the bulbs you choose is going to be a winner but cost is a huge consideration for first time buyers. Really, all of these products are so good the only winner is the consumer.


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