There is a huge market for connected home safety devices currently and one of the IoT product segments blowing up right now is wireless door locks. Yes, the good ol’ dead bolt is being dragged into the 21st century. Companies that have around a while like Schlage and Kwikset are getting into the mix, there are also some newcomers like Haven on Kickstarter.

 Smart Home Lockdown

The Schlage offering called the Camelot has a touch screen interface on the outside for punching in codes. Those codes are issued via the owner of the lock. Once inside the locking mechanism will automatically engage. There is also a hub that is purchased separately called the Nexia , that when used in conjunction with Nexia’s $8.99 a month home automation system, you have total control. The deal breaker for some people will be the monthly charge when you consider the retail price of the Camelot is $199.

 Smart Home Lockdown

Kwikset has a deadbolt called the Kevo. Features are pretty standard in that they include: the ability to send codes to guests, servo operated deadbolt and a standard key hole. One neat feature that sets it apart is the touch sensitive bezel around the keyhole. This bezel is accompanied by an LED ring within it thats used for notifications. So when you walk up to your door lock with your phone on you, just tap the metal bezel and your in. The visual you’re given is a swirling blue LED followed by green LED’s to let you know it recognises you. Another clever idea is an emailed digital “key” that doesn’t have a time limit on it. Called an eKey, it allows the possessor to enter your home as long as they have their phone on them. The accompanying app allows you to see who just went in/out of your home and at what time. Three potential snags for would be owners are as follows. The $1.99 price for each eKey after the first. The $219 MSRP of the Kevo unit and the lack of support for anything other than Bluetooth 4.0.

Rounding things up is a company called Haven Smart Lock. They have a promising campaign on Kickstarter that aims to fund their latest product called Haven. At first glance its a bit unorthodox how they went about it though. The previous two manufacturers used a standard deadbolt lock design. Though proven and relatively reliable deadbolts can be kicked in, etc. Haven sits at the bottom of the door jam in the most solid mounting area. Comprised of steel, aluminum and glass reinforced nylon its an amalgam of toughness. The idea behind its design is that it creates a reverse wedge when in the locked position. Digital keys can be sent to numerous guests and key fobs can be used in the event you don’t carry your phone on you. Connectivity is issued via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave and ZigBee. Initial buy-in is $199 which is on par with competitors in the market.


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