Summer is almost here and there are always outdoor activities to help occupy our attention. Racquet sports and biking are popular year round but especially so during the warmer months. Two companies, Pulse Play, out of Tel Aviv, Israel and Limits, out of Scotland are offering products that allow you to step up your game through real-time tracking.

Limits is a company that offers a smart power meter for a fraction of the price of current power meters on the market. Limits power meter has three metrics it can measure while you ride, the first of which is called cadence. Cadence is the rate at which you pedal, which can be handy to know for time trial training.

Summertime Sports IoT

The second metric measured by Limits is torque. Torque is the measurement of force the rider is putting through the length of the crank. This drives the bicycle forward and allows for quick sprints to the finish line.

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The last metric measured and crowd pleaser is power. Power is the measurement of how much energy you are providing over time. More powerful riders are the guys and girls that stay at the front of the pack more consistently. Limits is available on Indiegogo for $190 as an early bird special price.

Pulse Play is a wearable for racquet sports athletes with an ambitious plan. Pulse Play is aiming to connect you to a network of players and with that, a global ranking system with real-time score keeping.

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Pulse Play was spearheaded by three-time grand slam winner Andy Ram as way to pit players from around the globe against the other for a fun bit of competition. Pulse Play can act as the scorekeeper, it records your match history and it will assign you a global ranking based on that performance.

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It doesn’t matter if the name of your game is Tennis, Badminton, Squash or Ping Pong, Pulse Play will help match you to other players. Pulses Indiegogo page has even more info if you’re so inclined and pledges start at $75!


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