Riding a bicycle nowadays can be a risky endeavor, especially in busy city environments. It’s all you can do to look ahead and navigate the risks that are coming at you let alone watching what traffic behind you. Knowing full well this is a problem Garmin has released a radar system for your bike called Varia.

The Varia system consists of multiple pieces: the radar which is mounted on the back of the bicycle, the display that mounts to the handlebars and the Edge lighting system to alert drivers. The system is capable of detecting objects up to 153 yards out which gives the rider plenty of time to react.

 Watch Your Back With The Garmin Varia

The display is also capable of alerting the rider of up to 8 vehicles approaching and indicating the risk of each one with variable LED colors. Variaalso syncs seamlessly with the Edge headlight and uses GPS data to calculate speed and adjust brightness. The LED’s on the radar portion of the system light up brighter when the rider slows down to alert drivers accordingly.

 Watch Your Back With The Garmin Varia2

This brilliant system is aimed at drastically reducing the roughly 40% of the 726 cyclists killed each year from rear-approaching vehicles. Pricing for the Varia taillight is $199 and $299 when bundled with the radar display unit. The Varia lights are available for $299 with the remote or separately with the headlight ringing in at $199 and $69.99 for the taillight. To step up your cycling safety check out Garmin’s website for ordering and info.

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