It may seem like its the wrong season to be talking of water conservation but water is a precious resource that we all need for watering lawns, producing electricity, drinking and outdoor activities but it’s all too easy to take it for granted. As a result there is less and less clean drinking water available and droughts are occurring at an alarming rate. It’s not all doom and gloom though, for there are intrepid thinkers and creators among us that aim to make us more efficient consumers.

Water And Power Conserving M2M Devices

Blossom is one company that wants to help alleviate some of the pressure with the Blossom Smart Watering controller. What the Smart Watering controller does is connect to your phone through WiFi and Blossom’s companion app. This allows Blossom to monitor weather forecasts and the owner to select what plants the Blossom has to water for ultimate efficiency.

Water And Power Conserving M2M Devices

The ace up Blossom’s sleeve is the fact that it was designed with not only both indoor and outdoor use in mind but also a super easy setup in the same vein as Nest. The Blossom Smart Watering controller can still be had for a pledge of $129 on Blossom’s Kickstarter page. Blossom has tripled its funding goal thus far so we can look forward to seeing these on shelves just in time for summer.

For all of the wonderful things water conservation does for our environment and wallets, there is a flipside to that coin. Sometimes a little bit of water can be needed to make other things more efficient, as is the case with The Mister.

Water And Power Conserving M2M Devices

The Mister is a solar powered cooling system that attaches to the outside of your A/C compressor to cool the air around it. The thought behind it is, the compressor unit that sits outside is a lot like a radiator in that it uses outside air to cool the gas in the system. When the Mister atomizes a small quantity of water around the A/C unit, it lowers the air temperature and makes the unit more efficient.

Water And Power Conserving M2M Devices

The Mister is not only solar powered but its Wi-Fi connected to a companion app on your phone for power consumption and savings monitoring. The Mister has an added energy savings feature in that it only comes on when the outside temperature surpasses the temperature threshold you have chosen on the device.

The best part about The Mister is that it qualifies for a 30% tax credit in the United States which makes your financial investment in it even less. The Mister has also tripled their funding goal which means we can all look forward to seeing the $400 device this summer. Don’t be put off by the price though, the tax credit effectively makes the Mister $280, not much for knocking almost 30% off of your power bill.

For more information about the Mister, check out their Kickstarter here. More information about Blossom Smart Watering can be found at their website here.


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