It’s arguable that ZTE is late to the party with their Axon smartwatch but it’s a relatively young market still so judgement will be reserved. They do have their work cut out for them however as Apple officially owns 60% or more of the market.

ZTE Axon Smart Watch

ZTE went for a dressier look when they designed the Axon with it’s gold bezel and matching crown. A faux alligator strap in black leather rounds out the aesthetics. A 1.4” circular display is “sapphire coated” for durability. Though I can’t think of when I’ve ever heard of a watch crystal ever being coated in sapphire. I suppose it might help them keep up with the Jones’s that is Apple.

ZTE Axon Smart Watch2

Taking up residence below that fancy display is the Qualcomm processor clocking in at 1.2GHz accompanied by 512MB of RAM. There is also 4GB of storage, Bluetooth 4.1 Low-Energy and a decent sized 300mAh battery providing the juice.

ZTE Axon Smart Watch3

The operating system of the Axon eschews the more common Android Wear operating system for something closer to home in the form of Tencent’s TOS+. Of course being in that ZTE and Tencent are Chinese, it’s safe to say it will do better in it’s homeland against competitors than anywhere else. It has all of the fitness tracking and messaging one could desire. No pricing as of yet but I suppose it doesn’t matter as it will only be available in China.

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